What commitment is required?

Members are expected to attend the stated meetings of their Lodge, usually once a month except for the summer months although Lodge 366 meets every month of the year. Work or family commitments may however prevent this, in which case an apology can be given.

How much does it cost?

Members pay an annual subscription to their Lodge, usually around £80-£100 per year which often includes a meal at the annual  installation dinner. Other expenses are generally voluntary charity donations at each meeting attended. The level of donation is left to the discretion of the member, but as a guide most would donate around £2 at a normal meeting and at least £10 at a Installation dinner.

Is Freemasonry a religion?

No. Freemasons meet as a fraternal organisation with members drawn from many religions. Discussion of any matters relating to religion is expressly forbidden at meetings.

Do you have to be religious to join?

The only religious requirement is a belief in a God, but members are not instructed in how they should manifest that belief. Atheists and those who worship multiple gods are not permitted to join.


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